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Wittenberg Digital

Keeping the Lutheran voice online since 2016

Over the last few years, and especially in the last few months, we have seen large tech companies target and silence conservative voices. Backed up by a large amount of money and resources, they have been shutting down websites that don’t align with their ‘moral code’, a code that goes directly against what conservative churches are preaching and sharing digitally. So Wittenberg Digital was created: a separate web hosting service for conservative churches, so that the Word can continue to be shared and preached.


Website Hosting

Website Development

Pre-recorded Audio or Video Podcast

Live Audio or Video Streaming (Coming Soon)


What We Offer

Website Hosting

This is the core of our business. We build and operate our servers far outside of the big tech influence, yet keep the stability and security of a business and enterprise class hosting provider.  We maintain two separate types of firewalls, and have a high level of DDoS protection built in. And our tech support line and support tickets are handled directly by the tier-2 tech support team.

Pre-recorded Audio or Video

Deliver your sermons or podcast episodes to your audience in a distributed and dependable manner, while avoiding the influence of big tech.

Website Development

Wittenberg Digital can construct a website for your church or organization, using modern tools that provide an easy-to-use control panel for editing the website well into the future.

Live Audio or Video Streaming (Coming Soon)

Audio and video streaming is an involved process which pushes individuals into using one of a handful of big tech services which do not base their morals and oversight on christian principles. Wittenberg Digital sees the need for providing a streaming service that is independent, yet stable and dependable. 

We have been using Wittenberg Digital for over 5 years for web hosting, podcast hosting and domain registrar. We have been extremely pleased with all aspects of Wittenberg Digital. Everything works efficiently and seamlessly. I would highly recommend using Wittenberg Digital.

– Rev. J. S. Bruss, Sr. Pastor and Yvonne Berry, Office Manager, St. John’s Ev. Lutheran Church, Topeka, Kansas


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